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Egidio Brandoli talks about the birth of his artisan workshop and the legacy of a timeless art

The craft company we know today, led by Roberto Brandoli, has distant roots.
In this video, released in 2024, Egidio tells his story. “I used to live in Castelnuovo Rangone, where the bell ringer would knock on my door at 6.30 in the morning to tell me to go and serve mass. Sergio Scaglietti’s bodyshop, in Modena, was like a family where you felt at home. You had the freedom to do whatever you thought would make an improvement. I always dreamed of having my own bodyshop. It seemed like a distant goal, but with the help of the whole family, my wife, and Roberto who backed me up, I succeeded.”

analysis of the car's condition

The time is now: restore your car today

Depending on your objectives, we will set out the path that your car will take towards its rebirth.

20 February 2024

Restoration, Spare parts

When did we at Brandoli begin to deal in parts for classic Ferraris?

Let’s go back to the origins

2 September 2023

How to restore a classic car when we’re not sure about its line?

11 January 2023

The Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 2022

Brandoli Honorary Judge at the 31st edition of the greatest Concorso d’Eleganza dedicated to all Ferrari collectors and enthusiasts.

1 February 2022

Classic cars and thermoplastic painting: what to do?

We encourage the choice of mono-component thermoplastic paint when the car under restoration has 4 characteristics.

10 December 2021

Perfume for cars: specially created by the Brandoli team

We’ve combined three worlds: craftsmanship, classic cars and profumery. Artigianato, automobilismo d’epoca, profumeria.

16 August 2021

Concorso di Modena 2021

Roberto Brandoli was called by Emiliano Torkar, Chief Concorso Judge, to act as judge for class 2 (Luxury road cars) and class 4 (performance).

6 July 2021

FAQs for finding out more about Brandoli

We will help you find out about our work as classic car restorers

21 December 2020

Brandoli’s Artworks arrive on Artemest

And you can buy them there with just a click

1 September 2020

Cavallino Classic 2020

Roberto Brandoli invited as Honorary Judge at the 29th edition

12 February 2020

Modenese “representatives” go to Turin to pay tribute to Sergio Scaglietti

A round table to remember Enzo Ferrari’s favourite coachbuilder

21 January 2020

MAUTO: exhibition dedicated to Scaglietti, the ‘Ferrari Tailor’

Our 750 Monza and 250 GTO mannequins in show in Turin

11 November 2019