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Gli Artwork Brandoli approdano su Artemest 2020

Brandoli’s Artworks arrive on Artemest

And you can buy them there with just a click

The line of unique and custom-made pieces created by Brandoli is on show on Artemest, the marketplace set up to celebrate and preserve high quality Italian craftsmanship: a point of reference today for enthusiasts of contemporary furnishing and decor

What are we talking about? About stools made from Formula 1 wheel-rims, original single-place tables in glass with the nose of a classic carhand-carved champagne-holders, super bright picture frames made with the panel-beating technique, and much, much more.  

Gli Artwork Brandoli approdano su Artemest - TR Table

The pieces in the Brandoli Artwork Collection, created in our classic car restoration workshop, are extraordinary sculptures and hand-made practical furnishing articles in brassiron and aluminium, inspired by iconic automobile prototypes. 

Let’s listen to a comment by Roberto Brandoli during the launch of the collaboration with Artemest. 

“I believe in a concept of furnishing that includes unique elements of their kind. The piece must impress for its originality and, at the same time, be in harmony with the surroundings where it’s located. For this reason, the level of customisation that we offer to art design enthusiasts is extremely high. The metal material? I enjoy playing with the materials and components that we use to restore Italian automobiles from the 1960s”.

Roberto brandoli
Gli Artwork Brandoli approdano su Artemest - Roberto Brandoli

The articles can be purchased online exclusively on the e-commerce website,, besides being visible on the website 

Click here to see the display dedicated to Brandoli: 

Not only Brandoli. Artemest offers a selection of over 30 thousand products made by more than 800 Italian craft and design representatives. 


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