How did we become restoration professionals with worldwide acclaim?
Here’s our story.

1963 – The origins at Scaglietti

Egidio Brandoli saw the birth, at Scaglietti, Modena, of the Ferrari sport and Granturismo from 1963 to 1979. Seventeen years at Scaglietti: the official bodyshop for Ferrari where, when forming the “restoration division”, Egidio was head of the Customer Services department.

By virtue of his skill in metal working, and his sensitivity during the customer services phases, Egidio became a trusted friend and colleague of Sergio Scaglietti.

In the years at the official Ferrari bodyshop, Egidio worked on all the following models:

  • 250 GTO, 250 LM, 250 GTL
  • prototypes of type 330 Sport/Prototype
  • 275 GTB/2
  • GTB/4
  • Dino 206 Sport/Prototype, Dino 206 GT, Dino 246 GT, Dino 308 GT4 Bertone
  • 365 GTB/4 Daytona
  • 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spider
  • 512 Se 512 M
  • 312 P
  • 365 GT4 BB e 365 GTB/4 racing
  • 246 GTS
  • 308 GTB/GTS

1980 – The foundation of the small workshop

The decision of Egidio to start up by himself came when Fiat purchased Ferrari in 1979, which consequently also finalised the operation linked to Scaglietti. He no longer shared the vision that the new owner had of the business. Everything was essentially based on the production of modern cars. These were years that saw a loss in appreciation of our heritage, and even in the quality of assistance to customers, who in previous years had purchased classic Ferrari models at Scaglietti, and had hoped to return there for repairs or restoration.

Thus in 1980, Egidio set up his own bodyshop: the Carrozzeria Brandoli.

To Montale, from all over the world

A small workshop at Montale Rangone, in Via Zenzalose, with his wife Renata helping out in administration.

This was the start of the Brandoli adventure.

In reality, the requests soon arrived by themselves: the unexpected effect of Egidio’s long-standing experience at Scaglietti.

Egidio soon established a flourishing restoration business, with international clientèle, who recognised the quality of his workmanship, backed by his close alliance with Scaglietti, the original bodyshop for their precious cars.

Today – From a simple workshop to a quality business

For several years now Roberto Brandoli has been at the head of the artistic workshop.

He originally started working alongside his father Egidio in 1984, when he was just 18.

Roberto grew up absorbing the refined art of metal working, alongside his father and expanding the business through the increasing demands of Clients requiring restoration work Made in Italy, or better still, Made in Maranello.
The requests for body parts, now impossible to find, are constantly on the increase as we construct them with the same precision dedicated to the restoration work.

The heritage of history

Whether dealing with an entire restoration project or the creation of a single body part, our approach is always the same.

We have a deep respect for the original designs and thus the uniqueness of the vehicle, and we see complexity in a good light.

We strive to define the details and believe this is the way to appreciate the heritage of these cars.

Emotions in art

Based on an idea of Roberto, his experience of metal working crossed over into design articles.

The work of restoring vintage Ferrari cars and creating spare parts is now carried out alongside work on the exclusive Brandoli Artwork range: tables, chairs, lights, lamps, frames and a host of other exclusive articles for design interiors.

Personalised projects that recreate the emotions of sports cars in our living environments.

For this reason too our arts workshop is visited by enthusiasts from all over the world.