Over time we have developed a range of integrated services dedicated to owners of vintage Italian cars with a special focus on Maranello models.

When you entrust your car to us, whether it is for a simple maintenance task or a complete overhaul, we guarantee you the utmost care and attention. We place both our extensive technical expertise at your disposal, and that of our partners, who are genuine specialists in restoring Italy’s most prestigious vintage cars. We are here to ensure your car gets the treatment it deserves, with the passion and attention to detail that only true enthusiasts can offer.

Why ask for a check-up?

Checking a vintage car’s overall state of repair enables interventions to be managed and optimised as well maintaining its value at the highest level over time.

Take charge of the vehicle and manage the workflows

Complete inspection of the car

Disassembly of the damaged parts and repairs

Straightening of the body

Creation of tailor-made spare parts

Adaptation work on windscreen, door windows and rear window

Search for components according to the original specifications

Check-up of the electrics

Test drive with mechanics specialised in classic cars

Maintenance of the interiors

Stages of the check-up

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Contact us

Contact us to make an appointment. We can meet in person or virtually on a video meeting platform.

Tell us your needs

We will have a talk with you to understand your objectives and to find together the most appropriate solutions.

We set out a plan of action

To deliver the car in full working order for the events you intend to take part in. Our project manager will follow your car step-by-step.

Performance of the maintenance activities

After approving the investment, you will be able to follow the activities first-hand, also if you are distant, through video calls, phone calls, updating e-mails and file sharing.

Delivery of the car

At the end of the agreed work, we will provide you with the documentation produced during the maintenance service. We will continue to be at your disposal for any need.

And after the delivery?

We will remain at your disposal for any future need. And we look forward to receiving photos of your car at competitions and rallies!

Would you like more information about our Check-up and Maintenance service? Contact us

Discover our Consultancy service

  • Are you about to buy a classic car and want to check its condition?
  • Are you thinking about restoring your classic Ferrari?
  • Do you need expert technical advice on a bodywork component?
  • Do you want to make an investment and need an opinion on how well the car has been maintained?
  • We can help you.
  • Roberto Brandoli answers consultancy requests personally.