Classic cars and thermoplastic painting: what to do?
10 December 2021 |

We are often asked: how would you advise me to paint the car, in mono-component or bi-component paint?

Our reply is:


We will here take a closer look at the question in order to provide some professional advice on the basis of the restoration and objectives of the owner of the car.

In Brandoli we encourage the choice of mono-component thermoplastic paint when the car under restoration has 4 characteristics:

  1. car produced in the 1950s-1960s;
  2. after the restoration it will be exhibited in Concours d’Elegance and events;
  3. it has a prestigious history;
  4. it has specifications making it unique.

Only in this case, in our opinion, it would be appropriate to opt for thermoplastic painting, the painting process applied until the 1970s and the only one compliant with the original practice of the Modena car manufacturers.

It’s important to know the fundamental rules that help to preserve the original quality of the color and authentic look of the paint. That’s why we publish our news!

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What to do?

Here is the short memorandum that we deliver to customers at the end of the restoration:

Make sure that the petrol liquid does not go on the paint. If this does happen, dry immediately.

Use neutral products (no shampoo, no chemical products, no alcohol) and rinse with abundant water. Dry with a soft leather cloth.

Non-abrasive polish is the only product that we advise for making the body shine. It’s important that it’s used by an expert because every gesture on the surface of the car affects the final result.

Avoid parking the car in the sun for long periods. If it rains, make sure to dry the body as soon as possible, using a leather cloth. Avoid parking the car under trees from which resin may fall. A

Put stickers on the window. Avoid applying them on the paintwork because they could leave marks in the event of non-removable glues.

Photos and videos of car restored by Brandoli

Look at the photos and videos of the latest cars on which we have applied thermoplastic paint.

The painting of a 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB 6C

The painting of a 1966 Ferrari 500 Superfast

Foto credits: Brandoli Egidio srl