Complete and
partial restorations

Restoring a classic car is always a complex business.

That is why we offer customers all our craft experience and work together on deciding how to handle every step in the restoration process.

In addition to our decades of experience, we can count on a number of exclusive tools that we have built-up over time, like our archive of templates and dummies.

What really makes the difference, though, are our craftsmen, the people whose hands restore these vehicles, and who boast not only the necessary panel-beating skills but also our unique historical heritage.

The different stages in the restoration can be complicated and involve not only the bodywork, but also the engine, the upholstery, the electrical system, mechanics and paintwork. This is why we work in synergy with the most experienced Italian craftsmen in the automotive sector.
This allows our customers to benefit from a complete consultation aimed at the total restoration of the car.

Before deciding whether or not to restore their car, customers may want to check how much investment will be needed.

This is why we provide a specific service to help customers quantify and modulate the investment in the best possible way.

Our aim is to get your car back on the road, restored to its former glory.

Restoration showcase

365 GTC

Chassis 12421

| Ferrari 365 GTC

This car arrived in Modena where it was completely restored by craftsmen who are vintage Ferrari experts.
At Brandoli we took care of the bodywork and assembly.
Handed back in Spring 2024, the car obtained the Ferrari Classiche Certificate of Authenticity and immediately won The Restoration Award at the Cavallino Classic Modena 2024 Elegance Competition.

Chassis 11233

| Ferrari 330 GTS

A complete restoration that has put this Ferrari 330 GTS back on the road, in all its former glory.
Matching numbers and 1 of just 2 models produced with right-hand drive.
The original Oro Chiaro paintwork was carried out using a single-component technique.

Chassis 8459

| Ferrari 500 Superfast

A complete restoration with breathtaking results.
Thanks to Tom Hartley Jnr putting his trust in us once again, we got to work on one of the most beautiful GTs ever.
The original Blu Chiaro paintwork was carried out using a single-component technique.
The coupé obtained the Ferrari Classiche Certificate of Authenticity and also won The Ferrari Elegance Award at the Cavallino Classic Modena 2022 Elegance Competition.

Chassis 07699

| Ferrari 275 GTB

We restored the bodywork to its original characteristics, including the indispensable restoration of its short front.
Brandoli coordinated the work of all the professionals that was conducted in accordance with the Ferrari Classiche guidelines.

Chassis 1128084

| Fiat Abarth 1000 BA

This body shell arrived with severe sheet metal deterioration.
It was an extensive restoration project where we took meticulous care over every detail, guaranteeing our exceptional quality passed down through generations.

Ferrari 365P Berlinetta Speciale

Gianni Agnelli’s famous dream car is a unique creation that surpasses all comparisons.

We were able to restore its distinctive contours thanks to an in-depth study of historical photographs and our vast experience of vintage Ferraris.

The restoration of the bodywork was entrusted to Brandoli by Cremonini Classic who were commissioned by Kidston.

We have also transferred our specific experience in Ferrari Sport and Berlina models between the 1950s and the late 1970s to other classic Italian car models such as Maseratis and Alfa Romeos.


At Carrozzeria Brandoli everything is done by hand, one knock at a time.

We shape the sheet metal using hand modelling techniques, exclusive to the highest quality craft workshops and handed down through generations.

In every restoration we perform, we are meticulous and faithful to the factory original, and we take the utmost care to ensure a perfect finish.

Are you thinking of restoring your car?

Contact us and we can explore the possibilities together.