Modenese “representatives” go to Turin to pay tribute to Sergio Scaglietti

A round table to remember Enzo Ferrari’s favourite coachbuilder

He would have been 100 years old in 2020.

In the light of this fact, the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile di Torino (MAUTO) – the National Automobile Museum in Turin – dedicated a tribute exhibition to the legendary coachbuilder Sergio Scaglietti which ran until 23 January 2020.

We visited the exhibition on Saturday 18 January 2020.

On this day, as Egidio Brandoli was one of the people invited to talk about Scaglietti as part of the round table organised by MAUTO, we boarded the train that took us from Modena to Turin

The objective?

To recall the life and experiences of Enzo Ferrari’s favourite coachbuilder and his undeniable contribution to the history of the automobile. Our mannequins included in the temporary exhibition installation – the photo shows the one used for the Ferrari 750 Monza and, above, the GTO – serve this purpose: to remember and explain how the bodies of the legendary Ferraris were constructed in Scaglietti, in Modena.

A packed auditorium

The meeting, presided by the journalist Giosuè Boetto Cohen (first on the left in the photo), opened with the greetings of Benedetto Camerana and Mariella Mengozzi, respectively President and Director of MAUTO.

The floor was then taken, in turn, by (from the left): Adolfo Orsi, automobile historian, Afro Gibellini, Scaglietti employee, our own Egidio Brandoli, who spent almost twenty years at Sergio Scaglietti’s side and 40 years as an independent restorer, Oscar Scaglietti, one of Sergio’s two sons who, with his family has helped make this exhibition possible, Leonardo Fioravanti, designer, and Nillo Zagni, former head of production in Ferrari.

Through this initiative of MAUTO, Scaglietti the coachbuilder has been remembered for the first time in a public museum; our full-scale mannequins for the 750 Monza and the front of the 250 GTO, together with the vehicles on display, whose lines have the S of Scaglietti signature, have contributed to creating a unique and precious cultural event.  

The Ferrari 275 GTB

The trip to Turin was for us, at Brandoli, an opportunity to visit MAUTO, a museum that encapsulates the international history of the automobile and which we fervently recommend to all enthusiasts!

The amusing cartoons are by Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia, founder of MAUTO

Photos from and MAUTO press office