Modena is where we belong. A precious land that turns us in storytellers.
There are so many tales about Italian vintage car restoration that you might like to read about. Let’s discover now!

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Yes, this is the right time to plan the restoration of your classic car. We will get to work straight away! Roberto will personally take care of the analysis of

The Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 2022

Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 2022

Roberto Brandoli Honorary Judge at the 31st edition of the greatest Concorso d’Eleganza dedicated to all Ferrari collectors and enthusiasts Roberto Brandoli was present at Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 2022

Concorso di Modena 2021

Roberto Brandoli was called by Emiliano Torkar, Chief Concorso Judge, to act as judge for class 2 (Luxury road cars) and class 4 (performance).