Check-up service for classic cars

The best way to keep your classic car always beautiful and ready for competitions, rallies, auctions and events?
Ask Brandoli for a check-up service.

YOU hand over your car to us for a simple maintenance work or for a complete pit-stop service.

WE offer you the technical expertise of our team and that of our partners: specialists in the restoration of the most prestigious Italian classic cars.

Why have a check-up?

Generally when talking of the maintenance of a classic car we think of the mechanics and the set-up: fundamental because they make the car run.

We mustn’t forget, however, the shell and its chassis which have structural functions, fundamental for a classic car’s road-holding.

And what can we say about the bodywork?
It’s the dress, that is, the first thing that we see, admire and fall in love with.

The shell, chassis and bodywork have something in common: they are subject to rusting, deterioration and deformation.

A check-up of their state of preservation is very important for safety and, most of all, for protecting the value of the car.

We at Brandoli take care of all that you could need:

  • Complete inspection of the car
  • Disassembly of the damaged parts and repairs
  • Straightening of the shell
  • Creation of tailor-made spare parts
  • Adaptation work on windshield, door windows, rear window (lunotto)
  • Search for components with original specifications
  • Check-up of electronics
  • Test drive with mechanics specialised in classic cars
  • Maintenance of the interiors
  • …and much else besides.

The clear advantages

It’s a certainty: a well-kept car has extremely high appeal when presented in a competition, when accompanying a guest, when you wish to get the most out of your investment made over time.

Why take action when required repairs are limited or there are only small malfunctionings?

For few and simple reasons:

  • To save money
  • To delay the need for partial or total restoration of the vehicle
  • To safeguard the value of your investment
  • To keep the vehicle “beautiful and in shape”, reducing the necessary preparations for rallies, meetings, auctions and national and international concours d’elegance
  • To keep the car always ready for putting your investment to good use

This is how the maintenance service is carried out at Brandoli

01 Contact us!
Fill in the form to fix an appointment with us, without any obligation. We will assign a project manager who will follow the maintenance of your car step-by-step.

02 Tell us your needs
We will have a talk with you to understand your objectives and to find together the most appropriate solutions.

03 We set out a plan of action 
To deliver the car in full working order for the events you intend to take part in.

04 Performance of the maintenance activities
After having approved the investment, you will be able to follow the activities first hand, also if you are distant (Skype call, phone calls, emails, file sharing).

05 It’s yours once again!
Upon the redelivery of the vehicle, we will provide you with photographic or video documentation produced during the maintenance service. We will continue to be at your disposition for any need.

A group of experts for your car’s pit-stop

That’s what we at Brandoli organise specially for you.

The maintenance of a classic car requires the same skills as a restoration. We work together with professionals who, like us, are able to contribute to the excellent functioning of the classic car with passion and expertise.

Experts operating in the Motor Valley, with workshops located in Montale Rangone, Maranello, Modena and Bologna: people able to inspect, research and carry out all that the classic cars of the most prestigious Italian brands need.

Our technical skills as coach-builders are combined with:

  • Mechanics who are experts in classic cars for test drives, set-up, mechanical and engine  components.
  • Upholsterers who are specialists in the restoration of the interiors of classic cars, folding tops, floor mats and seats.
  • Auto electricians for inspections and repairs of the electrical systems
  • Specialists in instrumentation, dashboard and steering wheel restoration
  • Researchers into the history of the vehicle and classic car inspectors.


Classic cars need to be looked after in every season.

Also yours!

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