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When a Brandoli Artwork arrives at your house, it already has a story to tell.

It all began in 2001 when Roberto Brandoli, classic car restorer, started to make objects inspired by the lines of the most desirable Italian automobiles of all epochs and decided to create a family of products designed according to the aesthetic language of automobiles. They are fascinating metallic pieces of furniture with a strong visual impact in any surroundings.

For the home, the office, the garage and the hangar

As for automobiles, people have personal preferences also with regards to articles of furniture.

What counts is choosing the right ingredients.

The inside of a home, an office, the area inside a garage, a hangar; they reflect the history and personality of the people that live there. It’s a part of their identity.

And metallic shades are really trendy in the world of interior design.

Iron, brass and aluminium are modelled to become luxurious furnishing objects.

Looking for a rare handmade Italian artwork? 

Explore the creations designed and handmade by Roberto Brandoli and let yourself be inspired.

These objects will add glitz and glamour to the surroundings where you live.