restorations and professional advice

We are professionals in the restoration of bodywork of vintage Italian cars.

The art of restoration

The specific experience of the Ferrari Sport and Berlina models dating back to the 1950s through to the 1970s was also extended to other classic era Italian car models, such as those of Maserati and Alfa Romeo.

The restoration phases can be in-depth and involve not only the bodywork, but also parts such as the engineupholstery, the electrical systemmechanics, and paint finish. Our commitment consists in restoring the body and coordinating interventions by other professionals to restore the original personality of each individual car that comes into our workshop.

We work as a team with other Italian professionals, offering exceptional expertise in the automotive sector.

Our Clients can thus entrust us with their cars and take advantage of our consultancy service aimed at a complete restoration.

Our work is based on experience and a series of exclusive tools we have built up over time. And it is the craftsmen that make the difference; the men who work “hands-on” in the cars, to pass on their strong historical roots and expertise needed to work the metal.

Metal working

At Brandoli everything is achieved by hand, strike after strike. We mould the metal sheet by means of the panel beating technique, passed on through the generations from workshops of only the highest quality.

When embarking on a project, we strictly follow the indications dating back to the original factory designs, with special attention to the finishes.

Consultancy services

There are cases where the Client, before deciding on whether to restore his/her car or not, wishes to check just how much of an investment is needed to restore the original appearance and functionality of the car. The very same applies to bodywork technicians, mechanics or other sector operators.

An increasing portion of our work consists precisely in providing a service that helps the Client establish the investment required, regardless of whether the job goes ahead or not.

Our objective is to get the car back on the road, in the same magnificent condition as when it was made.

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