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In order to protect the confidentiality of the projects we work on, only the owners of the cars and authorised persons have access to our premises.

Please contact us at to arrange a meeting with us.

Where we are

Brandoli workshop is located in the village of Montale Rangone, a few kilometres far from Maranello and Modena.

We have two workshop areas: the first is dedicated to car restoration and all the metalworking activities; the second area is an artistic space where we receive clients and offer a good Italian espresso coffee, where we inspect the cars, explain the estimates, and where we deliver the car at the end of the restoration.

We look forward to welcoming you as our customer and will be happy to introduce you to our family.


You can also send us letters. We love receiving photographs of our customers’ cars in local landscapes wherever they are in the world!

Brandoli Egidio Srl
Via Campania, 53/B
41051 Montale di Castelnuovo Rangone (Modena) – Italy

Calls and video calls

You can call us directly in the office at +39 059 530 748

To request a video call, write to and we will fix and appointment.

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Classic cars need to be looked after in every season.
Also yours!

From left: Egidio and Roberto Brandoli during a welding phase (year 2017)