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Side Bumpers and Bosses

Mounted only on Ferrari 275 GTS Pininfarina:
Front right side bumper
Front left side bumper
Right side front boss
Left side front boss

Mounted only on Ferrari 275 GTS Pininfarina, Ferrari 330 GTS, Ferrari 330 GTC:
Rear right side bumper 243.36.510.0.2
Rear left side bumper 243.36.511.0.2
Right side rear boss 243.36.850.0.2
Left side rear boss 243.36.851.0.2

Left and right side rear boss for Ferrari 275 Pinifarina 330 GTS e 330 GTC
The side bumpers and the bosses are made in iron, and are supplied untreated allowing the Customer to finish the component according to their requirements or personal taste.
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