Why we chopped the nose off a 275 GTB

Why we chopped the nose off a 275 GTB

A very, very particular restoration project

Have you ever thought of chopping the nose off a Ferrari?

We have.

We did it as part of a complete restoration of a 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB 6/C, from the Scaglietti auto body workshop.

Keep on reading and you’ll realize what we are talking about.

The owner, Tom Hartley Jr., asked us to restore this rare vehicle to the original factory specifications.
He wants the car converted back to its exact and original state, ensuring it a place in prestigious concourse presentations like Cavallino Classic, Concorso d’eleganza Villa d’Este, Salon Privé.

The car was characterized by right hand drive and various optionals including the 6-carburetor set up, a rather rare configuration.

Looking at the condition of the bodywork, there is one main distinguishing feature: the nose of this splendid car was converted from short to long. This happened in 1966 when the car was nearly new…12 months old!

And why?

The South African owner of the time had become enchanted by the longer variations of the 275 GTB offered by the makers of the “Prancing Horse” over the years.
So, in South Africa, the car underwent the transformation which had, in fact, been requested from the parent company in Maranello.

Today the reconversion of the nose to its original version is an extremely complicated job requiring very skilled hands.

Our task was to give a Ferrari back its identity by chopping off its nose.

Reconverting the nose exactly to its original form is not easy, and very few companies could take on such a task.
It required all the rare skills that we have developed at Brandoli over 50 years of work.

For the Ferrari 275, as with all the other models, we guarantee our customers a restoration that is 100% faithful to the original shapes.

This fantastic Ferrari will soon be restored to its former glory and be dazzling the crowds at car shows around the world.

And now see the video “The cutting of the nose”

Want to know more about this car?

  • This is its identity card!
  • Model: Ferrari 275 GTB 6/C, right hand drive
  • Year of production: 1965
  • Owner: Tom Hartley Jnr
  • External color: Steel Grey 106-E-8 Grigio Ferro
  • Internal color: black leather VM 8500, red carpets
  • Optionals: 6 carburetors, dashboard in leather, seats entirely in Connolly Leather
  • Points of interest: the car was based mainly in South Africa and then in Great Britain