T4-Moka Stool

The name of this elegant stool recalls the historical Formula 1 car from which it was inspired.

A surprising stool.

The combination of the metal structure and the padding covered in faux leather bears the unmistakable mark of Roberto Brandoli, the classic car restorer who has transformed the wheel of a classic Formula 1 car into a classic, fascinating and autonomous piece of furniture.

The stool was originally an object created for nobility and royalty. Today it remains a practical object for daily use and can be used in a great variety of ways.

The height of the seat is 54 centimetres and is the maximum expression of practicality.

Under the seat padding there is a compartment where it’s possible to put objects and secrets.



  • Materials: aluminium
  • Stool height (cm): 54
  • Made in Italy, in Modena



  • Made for you in 4-6 weeks
  • Shipments throughout all the wold
  • Special needs? Contact us 



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