The restoration of the Ferrari 275 GTB 6C Berlinetta, Scaglietti, RHD: the true story!

We coordinated the restoration project and returned the car to its authentic 1960s design.

September 2018

It’s been one of the most ambitious projects in the last year and we delivered it back to the owner recently, just restored!
We would like to present to you one of the rare right-hand drive Ferrari 275 GTBs, chassis number 07699, which features the more powerful 6 carburetor engine and optional extra of Borrani wire wheels.

You should know that this F275 GTB 6C lived its first 53 years between Italy, South Africa and England.
In the August of 1965 the vehicle was delivered new to its first owner in South Africa. Wanting to keep up with the latest trend, the same owner requested authorisation to remove the short nose a few months later and replace it with a long one, recently available on the 275s.

At Brandoli we restored the body’s authentic features, but we also selected and coordinated the other excellent craftsmen from the Modena and Bologna areas who were involved in the project.

The job was assigned by Tom Hartley Jnr, a specialist in the most significant classic and performance cars, known to his Clients as “an exceptional individual, probably the most competent operator in Europe”.

His request was immediately extremely clear: every detail had to be 100% authentic, just as the car was in 1965 when it left the Ferrari factory in Maranello.

The land where this Ferrari was born, Modena, is the same that has given it new life.

Now it’s shiny like brand new and ready once more for the road!

In this photo: the body fully-restored and ready for the painting process.

Brandoli: management of the restoration project.

It arrived on a truck from England. We put it in our workshop one day in November 2016.

The sky was rather grey, almost as grey as the car’s livery! We made this video so you can see the moment when the car (on its own wheels!) arrived at Montale Rangone.

Where does such an extensive restoration project begin?

The first step was an analysis of every detail of the body.

Then we selected the professionals for the relevant technical assessments:

  • Autofficina Sauro managed the disassembly and assembly of the mechanical, engine and set-up components.
  • Cremonini Classic carried out an expert repainting with the original color, metallic Grey Iron.
  • Luppi created the interior upholstery from scratch: the seats are all in black leather (certified by Connolly), the mats are red and the dashboard is in optional leather.
  • Luigi Santoro updated the electronics.
  • And, of course, the Brandoli team, which applied all its experience to restore the bodywork.

At the end of the initial and fundamental analysis, in Brandoli we drew up the project and shared it with the Client, completing the overall picture with a quote of the investment necessary to restore the vehicle to full working order, its original condition … and beauty.

The work of all the professionals was coordinated by Brandoli and was carried out taking into account the guidelines for the Ferrari Classiche Certification of Authenticity.
As such, 07699 has recently been awarded its Ferrari ‘Red Book’ Classiche Certification.

The distinctive 275 GTB-style 

Why shorten the nose of a Ferrari?

We worked tirelessly on the body, fixing any imperfections to ensure the car was as good as when it left the Ferrari factory in 1965.

The most spectacular moment of our work was definitely when we cut the non-original long nose and the restoration of the short nose.

Roberto Brandoli found a rather drastic way of making a clean cut of the “wrong” curves.
Yes, we had a bit of fun with this! Recreating the original shape of the 275 is by now “all part of a day’s work”…

Relive the cutting of the wrong nose in this video.

Interesting facts.

The Ferrari 275 6C chassis 7699, right-hand drive left the Carrozzeria Scaglietti factory in Modena in 1965 where Egidio Brandoli, who worked at the time in Sergio Scaglietti’s team, contributed to the construction of the body.

It gives us great satisfaction to give the same car a second life!

It is 30 July 2018 and we are delivering the Ferrari 275 GTB 6C, ready for the road, to Tom Hartley Jnr.
We’re already missing it!

From left to right: Tom Hartley Jnr, Roberto Brandoli, Egidio Brandoli, Luciano Rizzoli, the Brandoli team, Francesco Rizzoli and his collaborator.

Roberto Brandoli during the processing of the repair of the 275 GTB nose. In the photo below: a detail of the sutures on the side.