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“Scaglietti’s apprentice”

“Scaglietti’s apprentice”

The story of Egidio Brandoli, an eye witness to the amazing history of Ferrari

The famous Italian monthly magazine, Ruoteclassiche, dropped in at our restoration workshop for classic Ferraris and in their September 2016 edition they published a long article recounting the story of Egidio Brandoli, “Scaglietti’s apprentice”.

Egidio worked for seventeen years at the Scaglietti auto body workshop, a period in which some of the most gorgeous Ferrari models of all time were created.

The journalist for Ruoteclassiche, Gilberto Milano, retraces Brandoli’s life, from the 1960s and 1970s alongside the “Ferrari Outfitter”, up to his personal adventure that still bears his name today, the Brandoli restoration workshop.

Egidio was taught by Sergio Scaglietti and despite his young age he was among the most able and reliable of the staff. The young boy was entrusted with the most complicated and demanding bodywork and aluminum beating jobs. Egidio recounts, “It was he who inspired me with a great desire to always improve. In particular, he taught me that you had to care for cars as if they were people, you had to respect them”. Egidio can see at a glance whether a shape is correct, whether a curve is original or if something does not match up. And for a collector who is considering investing in a restoration, there is no better guarantee.

The photographic service by Roberto Brancolini was realized in our workshop specifically for Ruoteclassiche, to complete the story with pictures.

We hope you enjoy it!