The glorious rebirth of the Dino 206 S Spider chassis 028

Previewed at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2018, here’s the story of the restoration

December 2018

This car recently was much photographed at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2018, where it made its debut showing off all its class.

The unique nature of the project for the rebirth of the Dino 206 S Spider chassis #028 is based on two fundamental elements:

  • the owner’s passion for Ferraris;
  • the experience of the professionals involved in the project for the rebirth of a car that had been given up on.

We at Brandoli dealt with the recovery of the internal and external bodywork, in one of the most important restoration jobs in our professional history.

Listen to the sounds in the Brandoli workshop while Roberto’s using the “maglio” to shape the panel sheets of the Dino (and then, continue to read!). Click PLAY here:

The total restoration of the Ferrari Dino 206 S Spider chassis 028, the fourteenth of 18 examples produced, was a project that required time and energy, and which consolidated a historic cooperation between Italian and Swiss experts.

In Brandoli, we worked on the restoration of every detail of the body, following the sheet modelling and welding methods used during its original construction.

We also used the photographs taken of the car in the 1960’s and the mathematical checks carried out on a Dino similar to this one, thanks to the cooperation of MOGAM of Catania.

Edi Wyss Engineering AG (Switzerland), led by Engineer Thomas Schnitzler, coordinated the entire project and dealt with the mechanical, cyclic and motor components.
The painting work was carried out by Carrosseria Albrecht (Switzerland) in “Rosso chiaro”. Marcel Massini supported the craftsmen’s work with historical information and photos. To complete our research, we listened to the memories of important people involved in the automotive’s history.

The car was restored to its correct specifications, and is now awaiting Authenticity Certification by Ferrari Classiche.

Photo: the Dino 206 S Spider chassis #028 previewed at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2018. Photo credits Franck Tournier

A piece of automotive history

Now, we will outline some of the most important moments in the history of this Dino 206 S Spider.

With chassis number 028, it’s the 14th of the 18 examples produced. Its first owner was, in 1966, Edoardo Lualdi-Gabardi, a businessman from Busto Arstizio and a champion of uphill races. He was a real gentleman driver, the owner of several Ferraris which he drove in various motor races. Lualdi-Gabardi drove the Dino with success in 25 races in Italy, taking first place in many of them.

After a few years, at the end of 1969, the car went back to Ferrari, in Maranello, for a reworking.

The availability of spare parts of the Ferrari 312 P model, a racing car produced at the beginning of the 1970s, was behind the rapid launch of a restyling project for the Dino.

Year 1972. The second life of the Dino 206 S Spider

The new configuration on the Dino 206 S Spider was carried out by Diena and Silingardi in the Auto Sport di Modena authorised body shop, with the contribution of Francesco Guglielminetti, motor bike champion and expert in aerodynamics.

The Dino 206 S took on very different characteristics compared to its origins:

  • aluminium body similar to a Ferrari 312 PB
  • 246 Tasman 4-valve engine
  • 312 Formula 1 gearbox
  • 312 PB wheels

Year 1976. From Modena to New York.

After completion of the modifications, the car was put on sale. It was bought in 1976 by Alberto Pedretti of Wide World of Cars in New York. It left the land where it was born, Modena, and was imported into the United States.

It was transferred to the ownership of the Gelles brothers (Chappaqua, NY), and then from 1984 to 2014 belonged to Dominick D. Incantalupo.

The Dino 206 S Spider took part in many events and meetings, especially in the meetings of the Ferrari Club of America. One of the last ones was the 2006 Cavallino Classic event, in Florida.

The car came back to Europe in 2014 when it was sold in the RM Auctions “Sporting Legends” in Monaco (lot #143).

How was the vehicle before the restoration?

Look at the photos of the Dino 206 S Spider on RM Sotheby’s web site.

Year 2018. Comments on the project of the Dino 206 S Spider rebirth

Roberto Brandoli, master craftsman owner of Brandoli Egidio srl
«The total restoration, for me, has been an ambitious project implying a high level of responsibility. We studied the manufacturing specifications in detail, when the car left Ferrari in 1967 to be delivered to Lualdi-Gabardi. Relevant documentation was rather hard to find, and the main challenge was gathering information provided by historical photographs and all the details. Edi Wyss Engineering’s team understanding of the mechanical aspects of the vehicle were a fundamental factor for the success of such a unique project of its kind».


Egidio Brandoli, master craftsman founder of Brandoli
«Reanimating a car (because what is achieved is practically a miracle) is a real thrill, to say the least. I’m proud of the trust that the owner has placed in us; he has believed in our hands, our experience, and the authenticity of our approach in tackling complex projects like this one. It’s thanks to enthusiasts owners that we craftsmen are able to complete such challenging projects, bringing back to life a car that had been given up on».


Thomas Schnitzler, mechanical engineer owner of Edi Wyss Engineering AG, CH
«The restoration of such a significant racing car is a very big challenge. The fact that this car has been heavily modified in its lifespan made it not easier. The 4-valve, fuel injected engine was for sure the most challenging part. But also the gearbox, which we luckily found later in pieces was a big task. In the end the result speaks on its own. Thanks to the superb cooperation over many many years with the Brandoli company the car could be brought back to its former glory. For myself and the entire team of Edi Wyss Engineering it was a honour to carry out the work for the owner. We all are really proud to see the car on the lawn in Pebble Beach and how much the people liked it».

Author of the article: Cecilia Brandoli

Photo credits Franck Tournier