Our passion for aluminum Ferraris

A metal that requires precision and the patience of a saint

September 2017

I’m Egidio Brandoli and this Dino 206 Sport Prototype was restored in our workshop by my son, Roberto, and our workshop team.

Why is it me who is telling you about this project?

Simple. My enthusiasm for Ferraris peaks when I lay my hands on complicated vehicles like this one: in aluminum, from the 1960s, and a racer!


This splendid exemplar was manufactured at the Carrozzeria Scaglietti in 1967, and the owner, our longstanding customer, wanted to put it back on the track. At that time I had been in Sergio Scaglietti’s team for 5 years and we were working day and night on cars.

The restoration we were asked to carry out was very complicated, but at Brandoli we certainly don’t shy away from challenges like this one!

What was the biggest problem that Roberto and the others faced?

Being able to imagine the car finished in every detail, even the most obscure ones, when they only had the bodywork to look at.
These days, when objects are created by robots, we tend to take for granted the importance of imagination in the restoration field. We started out, once again, by dismantling the car and reconstructing it from zero by hand, in full compliance with its original manufacturing process.


At Brandoli the creation of aluminum bodywork is routine practice. It’s a ductile metal that requires maximum care during processing. The final result is an attractive light-weight vehicle, which is what makes aluminum perfect for racing cars like this Ferrari Dino 206 SP.

In order to ensure top quality for the finished product we carried out photographic research, consulted books, and met experts who like myself have a historic memory of the cars. Talking of history, fundamentally important was our visit to the Mogam (Modern Gallery of Modern Art) in Catania, and the information and documentation provided by the expert Marcel Massini.

What you see in the picture is the car before painting. After mechanical assembly, the Dino will go back to Brandoli for complete finishing down to the last detail.

What words can express … pure joy!

Would you like to admire the Dino 206 SP after completion of the restoration project?

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The Brandoli workshop team with the Ferrari Dino 206 Sport Prototype