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Video – the restoration of a Ferrari 500 Superfast

Following completion of the restoration, we tried out the car with Tom Hartley Jnr on the roads of Modena.

When Tom Hartley Jnr asked us to restore this Ferrari 500 Superfast from 1966 we said YES without hesitation. 

The 500 Superfast model has unique characteristics, including the fact that only 36 models were produced. This Superfast is number 7 of 8 right-hand drive models made

It has a Pininfarina body which makes it a difficult car to disassemble, analyse, restore and reassemble. The numerous and also small details make the difference and make it special.

The video you are about to watch lasts for a little over 15 minutes; it’s the story of the restoration, from the beginning to the end. We have summarised a long, very precise project of craftsmanship in order to give you an idea of the level of detail and perfection that we are able to achieve. 

We have carried out various restoration projects for Tom Hartley Jnr over the years. When a customer comes back to us asking for perfection once more, this for us means that that customer has really understood the nature of our work in Brandoli and we are delighted to accept new challenges.

We’re proud of the work performed by the team of selected craftsmen. Besides Brandoli, Officina Sauro, Morandi, Maieli and other expert Modena craftsmen were involved. Together we did our best to meet Tom Hartley Jnr’s objective: he wanted “the best restoration on the planet”. 

Have we succeeded?