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Restauro Tre Posti Gianni Agnelli Ferrari 365 P

Restoration of the ‘Tre Posti’ dream-car!

The restoration had to be of no less a level

Today I want to tell you about a unique car: the Ferrari 365P Berlinetta Speciale, comissioned by l’Avvocato Gianni Agnelli.

It’s an unusual car that we have had the pleasure of restoring.  

Before looking at the characteristics in detail, I’ll tell you some of its history. 

The concept car was designed in 1966 by Pininfarina to a drawing by Aldo Brovarone, who at the time held first the position of designer and then Head of the Style Department.

It was presented at the Salone di Parigi in 1966, with a White Gardenia colour; Gianni Agnelli fell in love with it and commissioned a second version which was delivered to Turin the following year.

The “Avvocato” knew exactly what he wanted and his requests were particular: his favourite silver, with a touch of blue and matching blue-green body lines. For the 55 years of its life the livery has, instead, been silver, black and even red!

In our restoration project, however, everything has been returned to the original specifications.  

The line of the bodywork is long, slender, essential, and the features that catch the eye are unmistakable:

  • the three seats with the driver’s seat positioned in the center;
  • the rear spoiler;
  • the glass roof, avant-garde for the time;
  • the visible fuel filler-cap;
  • the air intakes in front of the rear wheel arches;
  • the dual tailpipe;
  • the original colour of the livery, chosen by Gianni Agnelli.
Restauro Tre Posti Gianni Agnelli Ferrari 365 P - dettaglio

As a result, for an exceptional automobile, the restoration had to be of no less a level.

This is especially true for two reasons:

  • in the absence of similar models in circulation, we were obliged to base the restoration on historical photographs;
  • we spent a long time working on an analysis of available material in order to identify the details of the bodywork lines.

It was a restoration in which our craftsmanship was able to be freely expressed, restoring sense, style and uniqueness to the car.

Restauro Tre Posti Gianni Agnelli Ferrari 365 P
Restoration of Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale Gianni Agnelli

The famous 1960s Ferrari 365 P Tre Posti comissioned by l’Avvocato Gianni Agnelli

Foto credits: Archivio Fotografico Brandoli