Jack Cap

Tappo Cric 250 California, 250 GT Lusso, 250 GTE, 250 GTO, 250 SWB

The part is chrome-plated and is complete with spring. Alternatively, we can supply the spring only.

Front Trim Sections

Front trim sections for Ferrari 250 SWB

Front trim sections for Ferrari 250 SWB. Portions of front trim made in aluminium or steel.

Hood Lock

Hood lock for Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, 250 SWB, 275 GTB, 275 GTB/2, 275 GTB/4

The component is for the Ferrari 250 GTL, Ferrari 250 SWB and Ferrari 275 GTB.

Hood Lock Pin

Hood lock pin for Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, 250 SWB, 275 GTB/2, 275 GTB/4.

Heater Door Knob

Heater Door Knob for Ferrari 275 GTB, 250 GTL, 250 SWB

Made in brass and is available painted black or untreated black.

Door Lock Striker Plate

Door Lock Striker Plate for Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, 250 SWB, 275 GTB

It is complete with a hook for the door lock. Made in iron and is available galvanised or untreated.


Seat - BR070007

The perforated plates have been designed to facilitate the installation of the guides.

Window Handle

Window Handle for Ferrari 250 SWB

The window handle is made in Zamak and is supplied chrome-plated. Manufactured by Brandoli. Available now. Contact us at info@brandoli.it

Internal Door Handle

Internal door handle Ferrari 250 SWB

The internal lever for opening the door is made in Zamak and is supplied chrome-plated.