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Made-to-measure spares for a gorgeous Ferrari

Made-to-measure spares for a gorgeous Ferrari

Why settle for less? Insist on top class spares!

February 2018

What you can see here in the photo is a grille made specially for a Ferrari 750 Monza, a spare part which is particularly difficult to find on the international spare parts market.

How did we get hold of it? Simple, we made it ourselves!

At Brandoli, when we restore the bodywork of classic Ferraris (1950-1970), we make the components required by hand using the original models as our point of reference, so we can bring the cars back to their original splendor:

• fenders
• bumpers
• grilles
• air vents
• mouldings
• handles
• windows

… and the list goes on, because nothing is beyond our reach!

And just so you know, we test the parts on real vehicles to ensure that we are sending you top class spares which are easy to install.

Have a look now at the list of available spare parts but remember, this is just the start. Other parts will soon be online!

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