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March 2018

We receive requests from all over the world for vintage Ferrari parts that rigorously comply with the original technical specifications of the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

To help you in your search, write an e-mail to us at, describing precisely the body part or component that you’re looking for, providing us with the following essential information:

  • The Ferrari model for which you’re looking for the component.
  • The vehicle identification number.
  • Year of production.
  • The series (if appropriate).
  • Left-hand or right-hand drive.
  • A precise reference to the area of assembly (e.g. right side or left side, front, back, center, passenger compartment, roof, etc.)
  • The type of finishing desired.


As a “cherry on the cake” you can send us a number of photographs of the part that you want to replace or a part similar to the one you are looking for, or the area where you need to make the repair.

Every car is unique, and describing also through images makes the exchange of information more effective!

We will reply to you: Francesca and Cecilia Brandoli.

Our website section dedicated to the search for parts is continuously updated.

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Roberto Brandoli shows a Ferrari part
Roberto Brandoli shows a Ferrari Monza grille manufactured by Brandoli


The finishing of a windshield frame