Impossible spare parts: where to find a footman loop?

It’s in the details that value is hidden.

June 2018

A footman loop is a brass 8cm-long piece requested by a “desperate” Client who I met during my last trip to Florida: it’s one of the impossible-to-find body parts specially made for Ferraris from the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

What is a footman loop?

It’s a brass bracket which serves as a guide for the luggage retaining strap: it’s a simple piece, a little more than a detail in your beautiful Ferrari.

But if the footman loop should get damaged, would you know how to find a new one?

Well, if you want to save time and money you can always ask us: we have designed and made one by hand, and we have several in stock.

The idea came after a request by a Canadian Client whom we met in Florida; the owner of a Ferrari 330 GTC who had been searching for ages for two new footman loops.
I photographed the original piece and, when I got back to the workshop in Montale Rangone, I began to work on it with the crew.

A few days later, after having sent the footman loops to Canada, we received an e-mail, which I’d like to share with you:

“After over 20 years of searching and going through lots of materials offered from around the world, I have finally achieved my goal of getting four new footman’s loops for my 330 GTC. I approached the Brandolis at Cavallino Classic last January and showed Roberto the one I had off of my car. I am very happy to have this search over and done with.”

For the footman loop, as for other impossible-to-find parts, we employ all our experience as restorers and can really help you to restore your vintage Ferrari to full working order: and its value.

That’s because it’s in the details that value is hidden.

Search available spare parts in our shop window: or write us an email to challenge us to make your impossible spare part.