How are bumper parts for Classic Ferraris created?

One example among many are the bumpers for the Ferrari 250 GT California

April 2019

In Brandoli we have always created parts for classic Ferraris following the original specifications.

This approach is much appreciated by owners and restorers because the parts are difficult to find and are created by hand from a sheet of metal and adapted to the car.

There are two situation in which we at Brandoli produce parts:

  • when we need the part ourselves for the restoration of a classic car;
  • when the owner of a car or a restorer in any part of the world asks us for a specific part.

Let’s take a look at a specific example of the creation of a part.

The bumpers for the Ferrari 250 GT California SWB and LWB

It’s important to point out that the bodywork of this Ferrari model, produced from 1957 to 1963, was designed and built by Scaglietti.

Egidio Brandoli, the founder of Brandoli and pupil of Sergio Scaglietti, has passed on the modelling techniques that are still today the basis for the creation of steel bumper parts.

We recommend the purchase of semi-finished pieces: in that way they can be pre-assembled on the car, adapted and then finished with specific polishing and plating operations.

Here’s our description accompanied by photographs: the creation of the bumpers for the California.

01. Metal Sheet

Everything begins with the metal sheet, as this photo shows.

02. Shaping

The modelling of the metal begins under the trip hammer. That’s right; a fantastic bumper will be created from this piece of metal!

03. Hammering

The modelling of the steel is achieved through hammering with the support of moulds, that is, an authentic reference model that allows us to create pieces according to the original specifications.

04. Quality control

During the modelling phases, the dimensions and shapes of the piece are repeatedly checked with specific equipment.

05. Modelling

The matching with the model is the first test: every detail has to be perfect.

06. Finishing

The finishing operations are decisive: we only sell bumpers which are properly finished and ready for pre-assembly. A quality finishing, in fact, is very important in order to simplify the pre-assembly phases on the car and the chromium plating.

07. Finished product

And here’s the result: the bumpers for the Ferrari 250 GT California are ready for shipping.


In the end, our aim is to provide partial or complete restorations of Ferraris from the 50s, 60s, and 70s and also to provide you with body parts assistance (for 40 years now!).

In addition, we are offering a specific service: a complete Check-Up of your classic car (not only Ferraris!!).

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