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Ferrari 275 GTS: another restoration without compromises

Ferrari 275 GTS: another restoration without compromises

When we’re challenged on quality, we give our best.

The bodywork of this Ferrari 275 GTS was completely restored by us, in Brandoli: from the sheet metal to the smallest screw.

The owner, impressed by the “perfect restoration” performed by us on his friend’s GTS, decided to assign his prestigious convertible to us for a restoration that would be, in his own words, without compromises.

And when we are challenged on quality, we give our best.

The GTS in question was made in 1965.

Ferrari 275 GTS: another restoration without compromises

Every restoration has its team of craftsmen.

We at Brandoli carried out the restoration of this 275 GTS last year with the aim of completing a result that respected the original nature of the vehicle. In all its aspects.

The complete restoration of the bodywork began with the disassembly of all the components: this operation was necessary to analyse the condition of every part making up the whole. During the three months of intense work on the sheet metal parts, supplementary work was dedicated to the nose, repaired in an approximate manner years previously after an accident.

Metalworking is not, however, the body shop’s only area of responsibility. The pre-assembly and final assembly are phases in which every detail is carried out with maximum care by us at Brandoli.

The interiors, the electrics and the painting for this 275 GTS are taken care of by local craftsmen with whom Brandoli has a longstanding working relationship.

The restoration is now complete, and the car is waiting for Classic Ferrari Authenticity Certification.

New adventures await this Ferrari 275 GTS from 1965.

Ferrari 275 GTS: another restoration without compromises

Photo: the pre-assembly phase (handles, mouldings etc)

A short history of the bodywork of the Ferrari 275 GTS

The Ferrari 275 GTS was presented in 1964 at the Paris Auto Show, together with the Ferrari 275 GTB berlinetta.

The two “siblings” are markedly different in their external lines.

The 275 GTB’s bodywork was made just a short distance from the Ferrari factory, in Scaglietti’s workshop in Modena, and is one of the Grand Touring models on which Egidio Brandoli worked after the Ferrari 250 GTO, 250 LM and 250 GTL. It has taut and slender lines, and a truncated rear that recalls the racing models.

The GTS’s bodywork was designed and constructed by Pininfarina in its Turin factories, and the car’s overall design was one of sporty elegance.

The 275 GTS was largely intended for the American market, as Ferrari convertibles had sold well in climates like California and Florida, where the attractiveness and marketability of a high-performance grand touring cabriolet had long been established.