Christmastime can be exciting!

Towards 2020

25 December 2019

Between one hammering and another, we have been reflecting on the year about to close: 2019 was, in fact, very satisfying.

There were restorations of valuable cars with excellent project management.

We provided focused and complex assistance for works of art that we were later able to see in meetings, events and international competitions.

We constructed unfindable parts for our Customers from Italy to Australia to the United States.

We learn something from every experience, and growing older, we improve – like our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar that many appreciate when they come here, to Modena, and fill their suitcases with it to take back to their friends and families!

We can’t wait to start 2020: not only projects of excellence already in progress and impending…

…In 2020, at Brandoli, we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary since our foundation!

For the moment, without running too far ahead, what are the upcoming events in which we can meet up?

  • Saturday 18 January 2020, in TURIN, Museo dell’Automobile (MAUTO) (the Automobile Museum) – conference coinciding with the Sergio Scaglietti tribute exhibition.
    It will be, to all intents and purposes, a family outing.
  • Roberto Brandoli will be at PALM BEACH, Florida, as Judge of Honour at Cavallino 2020.

Our warmest and “hammering” wishes for a very Merry Christmas!