How do you restore a Ferrari?

Egidio Brandoli explained how for the students doing the master’s course in vintage car restoration.

July 2017

“What was it like working at Scaglietti?”
“What tools do you use to form the curves of Ferrari bodywork?”

These were some of the questions that the 15 students of the Quattoruote Academy asked our Egidio Brandoli on Tuesday 25 July 2017, when we were in Rozzano (Milano), at the auditorium of the Editoriale Domus to recount how, at Brandoli, we get unique Ferraris back on the road after more than 50 years of life.

The class included all the young people selected for the master’s for restorers of vintage cars, a professional training course organized by Ruoteclassiche in collaboration with ASI (Historic Italian Automobile Club) with the aim of embracing both technical lessons, and the experience of the most qualified professionals in the vintage cars restoration sector.

Egidio’s account ranged from his experience at Carrozzeria Scaglietti to the process that led to setting up our restoration workshop, which still bears his name today. The complex management of the restoration process for prestigious cars like Ferraris clearly captured the interest of the students, stimulating numerous questions and an interesting exchange of ideas.

Cecilia Brandoli answered questions about communication, social networks, and public relations, all issues of critical importance for the Italian handcraft sector.

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