Egidio at Palm Beach, attending Cavallino Classic 2015

It was like meeting a second Ferrari: one in Italy, the other in America.

For the first time in his life, Egidio Brandoli visited America, and more precisely the Cavallino Classic 2015.

After 53 years of work, he made a pit stop, laying hammer and welder to rest, to get on the flight Bologna-Madrid-Miami together with his daughter Cecilia and great friend Oscar Scaglietti.

The winner of the 2015 competition edition was the fascinating Dino 166P/2016P of 1965. An example of how authenticity is a value still appreciated.

On the evening of the award ceremony, at the Breakers Hotel of Palm Beach, we took this photo, showing (left to right), Cecilia Brandoli, Andreas Mohringer owner of the Dino, Oscar Scaglietti, Egidio Brandoli, and Mrs. Mohringer.

On his return to Italy, Egidio wrote to express his sincere thanks to John and Alicia Barnes, presidents of the Cavallino.

.… to Patricia and John Barnes. Congratulations for the event; it was perfect all round, and just like meeting two Ferraris. One is in Italy, in Maranello, and the other is now in America, thanks to you.

I am so happy to have made the journey, together with my long-standing friend Oscar Scaglietti, a tireless traveller.

All the Americans who love the world of Ferrari will always be welcome to our small workshop in Montale Rangone, to discover and learn how we work the vintage Ferrari body with our hands and with our mind – just as past panel beaters have taught us.

With gratitude and friendship

Egidio Brandoli

Palm Beach