When did we at Brandoli begin to deal in parts for classic Ferraris?

Let’s go back to the origins.

September 2019

Our offer of body parts for all classic Ferrari models is strictly linked to our historical Restoration Service.

To return to the origins, we have to go back 40 years.

Egidio Brandoli began to run his own business in 1980 in the small workshop of via Zenzalose in Montale Rangone, after 17 years working in the Scaglietti Body Shop.

His repair and restoration work on classic Ferraris is in great demand and the high quality of the service he’s able to offer has attracted the attention of important collectors.

The demand for replacement bodywork parts, also made ad hoc, became constant: grills, fronts, mudguards, mouldings and frames to replace windshields and windows, and much more besides.

Egidio’s aim to offer his Customers an exceptionally high-quality service has led him to continuously refine the parts area of the business.

Moving forward quickly to today: the offer is wide and often relates to parts specially made for a Customer’s classic car.

In whatever part of the world it is situated.

Is it better to request a semi-finished or finished part?

Our offer of body parts for all classic Ferrari models is strictly linked to our historical Restoration Service.

Some examples?

The body parts that we supply ready to be assembled on the car are already chromed or polished: handles, speaker panels, radio fixing plates, radiator grills, various types of frames, mouldings and many other components: interiors and exteriors of the car body.

On the other hand, with regards to body panels (coverings), mudguards and bumpers, we recommend the purchase of semi-finished products. This choice is, in fact, obligatory!

This is because the piece, after being produced by hand today with the same techniques as used in the production in Modena in the 1960s and 1970s, has to be pre-assembled on the car, then adapted (that’s right, because every car is unique!) and finished with specific polishing, chrome-plating and welding operations.

Every Customer must always, obviously, have their own trusted body shop, able to manage the phases described above: possibly with our support, also at a distance.

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