Brandoli at Cavallino Classic 2018

The experience recounted by Cecilia Brandoli who participated in the event with Roberto Brandoli

February 2018

Today I want to tell you about our experience at the twenty-seventh edition of the Cavallino Classic competition, the number one event in the world dedicated exclusively to Ferrari cars, held from 24 to 28 January 2018 at West Palm Beach, Florida, United States.

I crossed the Atlantic Ocean with Roberto to take part in the competition as Honorary Judges.

It was my third time, while for him it was the fifth.

What does representing Brandoli in America mean for us?

It means answering lots of question about how we restore in Italy timeless Ferraris from the 50s, 60s and 70s; what are the criteria we use to tackle a project for the complete restoration of the bodywork according to the original model; what instruments do we offer to the owner of the vehicle in order to be able to follow the work.

In the United States we encountered a lot of interest in our experience as manufacturers of spare parts according to the technical characteristics of the original model, components which are very difficult to find in the international market.

Watching Roberto observe the cars displayed on the lawn of The Breakers Hotel and discuss numerous technical details gave me the chance to learn about many details and variants regarding Ferrari bodyworks: and also to find some inspiration for our next newsletter!

At Cavallino Classic 2018, there were several Dinos, a model we’ve worked a lot on in over thirty years of activity: both on the 206 and on the 246. Incidentally, we described our latest project on a Dino 206 SP in this brief story.

A vehicle that particularly impressed us for its unmistakable aerodynamic lines designed by the Zagato brothers and for its uniqueness was the 250 GT from 1955 (0515 GT): it merited the Best of Show.

Our category of judges chose to award the 250 GT Pininfarina Cabriolet with The Honorary Judges’ Cup for the Finest Judged Ferrari. It’s a red Ferrari from 1957 which immediately takes you back to the 1960s. Its spirit, very feminine, struck me as soon as I saw it.
We appreciated the finishings; very, very precise.

The day of the competition at The Breakers Hotel was really intense; another thrill for us was the previous day, Friday 26 January.

At Palm Beach International Raceway we met a number of our Customers and appreciated their ability as drivers of powerful Ferraris, such as the 250 GT SWB from Switzerland, and a Ferrari 512 BB.

Why were we so enthusiastic?

It’s rare to be able to see our Customers on the track and seeing them at the wheel of a car that we restored is a priceless pleasure.

Florida and the international public of the Cavallino were an inspiration once again.

What can you do while we’re waiting for the report on the event in the next edition of Cavallino Magazine?

Read our posts published here!  

At Brandoli we’re already all set for the next event that the Ferrari name will take us to!

Cecilia Brandoli

From left Cecilia Brandoli and Roberto Brandoli at Cavallino Classic 2018
From left Cecilia Brandoli and Roberto Brandoli at Cavallino Classic 2018
A detail of the Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina Cabriolet
A detail of the Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina Cabriolet
Cavallino Classic 27th edition - The Breakers Hotel
Cavallino Classic 27th edition – The Breakers Hotel