A Ferrari 250 GT California check-up

Our maintenance service for windshield and repair of the door side panels

April 2019

Here’s a series of photos of the body check-up service performed for one of our Customers, owner of a fantastic Ferrari 250 GT California.

The car was delivered to our body shop at the beginning of autumn 2018, after the last rally in which the Customer took part with their car.

Among the different jobs carried out on the body and chassis, we at Brandoli dealt with:

  1. Fitting a new windshield
  2. Installation of the mouldings and windshield frames
  3. Inspection of the low right and left door side panels, with replacement of the rusted and corroded parts.

This is the Ferrari 250 GT California at the end of the check-up works in Brandoli and before painting.

Let’s take a look now at the photos of the works!

01. Fitting the windshield

The laminated glass is adapted to the exact shape of the window frame. This type of work requires great experience.

02. Moulding and windshield frame

The mouldings and the frames were adapted to the characteristics of the car on which they had to be installed.

03. Installation

And here’s the windshield mounted on the car with the chrome frames.

04. Repair of the door side panels

We inspected the side panels and documented the state of rusting and corrosion of the metal.

Corrosion had “eaten” the metal: the piece certainly had to be replaced, and so we removed the damaged portion and returned the left side panel to proper working order and safety…

…and the same inspection and repairs were done on the right side panel of our customers’ Ferrari 250 GT California.

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